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Exciting news from the Beetaloo Basin!

Posted on 7 June 2023
Exciting news from the Beetaloo Basin!

Exciting news from the Beetaloo Basin!
Imperial Oil & Gas Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Empire Energy, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully deploying the Forum Energy Technologies CleanBore™ Buoyancy Sub in its Carpentaria-3H well. This accomplishment demonstrates the company's dedication to advancing the exploration and appraisal activities in this challenging shale gas frontier.
Imperial Oil & Gas had a key objective of extending the Carpentaria-3H well TD to 4500m MD in order to improve well production and reduce development costs. To achieve this, the company needed longer production casing lengths, which required either rotation or floating to reach the planned TD. After careful consideration, Imperial chose to utilize the Davis Lynch CleanBore™ Buoyancy Sub for casing flotation due to its simplicity and reduced
overall risk.
The production casing was successfully run to the well TD of 4460m MD without any indication of buckling and with a positive hook load through out the run. The actual slack-off hook loads closely matched the predicted TAD data during the 2618m casing float from the casing shoe to the CleanBore™ Buoyancy Sub. Once the casing reached the bottom, the buoyancy sub was converted, and the casing was successfully cemented. The entire well drilling and completion process was accomplished on time and under budget.

Exploration and appraisal field activities were managed on behalf of Imperial Oil & Gas by inGauge Energy Pty Ltd, a well engineering and project management firm based in Brisbane, Australia, for managing the field activities.
This achievement underscores Imperial's commitment to unlocking
the shale gas potential of the Beetaloo Basin.

Congratulations to Imperial Oil & Gas and Davis Lynch for their successful deployment of the CleanBore™ Buoyancy Sub.
We look forward to sharing more updates on the emerging shale gas frontier in the Beetaloo Basin.

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